Wake up and smell the … day’s potential

For 2011, let’s embrace change and  transformation. Here’s one way:

A fellow coach said something that really struck me: “I love to wake up in the morning and see what the day will have in store for me.” Wow, imagine starting your day off with that amazing attitude!

Each morning is another opportunity to transform, try something new, live adventurously, enjoy your blessings of family and friends — the list goes on and on. The energy surrounding my friend’s statement plays a huge role in how he treats himself, how he treats other people and how other people respond to him.

Now let’s try it on you: As a parent, your energy will help bring the hectic nature of the mornings down a notch. As a spouse, the feelings that come from a simple smile can have lasting power. As a boss, the energy that you radiate will show up in productivity — yours and your employees’.

So you get to choose the tone of your mornings: Set it on high energy and watch the transformation!


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