Raise your hand if you’re an overwhelmed mom

OK, both my hands are up, way up.

It’s the definition of being a mother these days: you’ve got school, after-school clubs, sports, laundry, food shopping, dinner, house cleaning — I’m getting a headache just writing this list!

If you work from home, are self-employed, a stay-at-home mom or just someone who needs some structure, here’s one way to be more happily productive.

Remember when we were in high school and we switched classes around every hour? Well, we can apply this schedule to our own households. For example, you have between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. for all you need to get done. Say at 8 a.m. you do a gym workout and are freshened up by 9. Then the “class bell rings” and you work on your business until lunch at noon. Then from 12:30 to 1 p.m., you straighten up just one room of the house (then move on to another room the next day). From 1 to 2, put in some more work time plus look over what your day will be like tomorrow.

Carving out a block of time and designating tasks within that block will give you peace of mind. It also will help relieve guilt because I used to worry about the laundry while I was trying to work, but now I’ve set aside time for housework so that’s no longer a distraction.


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