Dear entrepreneur, Get out of the starting gate

You should have heard Mary talk about her business idea. She glowed. She was animated. She spoke with so much energy and passion that I couldn’t help but get sucked into all that positivity. But then she put up the roadblocks: How am I going to pull it off? Where am I supposed to get capital? Where do I even start? I don’t know if I have time for all of this.

If I learned anything from my own experiences in starting up a business and coaching entrepreneurs is that when that kind of energy and enthusiasm is present, you better take it and run with it. In other words, Mary was going to continue to milk those good vibrations.

So we got Mary to start pulling back those roadblocks, an inch at a time: What can be done right away to get her going toward her dream? When can she devote some time to this project? What resources (and not necessarily money) does she have now that could help her?

And most important: Why does the next step have to be huge or perfect?

Do you see how we just turned her questions around and got her thinking about what she CAN do? And the action step can be as simple as reading  a book, doing specific research, making a contact or signing up for a seminar.

At the end of our session, Mary committed to an action step. It’s a small one, but she’s out of the starting gate! Congratulations!


Let me help you change direction. Contact me for coaching and ask about my 30-minute complimentary session offer.


2 responses to “Dear entrepreneur, Get out of the starting gate

  • Pat Wick

    Thanks Cindy. I read your articles. I am looking when I get off Worker’s Comp to get a small business going. No one wants to hire ugly 61 year olds, but I know I have the ability to start my own business and make it work. It is a simple idea. Many small businesses cannot afford full time office staff. I will hire out to come in and organize their office doing follow-ups to do their filing and maintenance for a fee that will cost them less than hiring anyone full or even part time. Thanks for providing articles that help keep me pumped and on focus 🙂

    • Cindy Chin

      Hi Pat,
      First of all, don’t put yourself down with negative words like ugly!!! 🙂 When you are ready, you go after what you want. I’ll be cheering you on!

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