How I know it’s time for a change

“What’s Cindy newest adventure?”

That question has become somewhat of a joke among my friends and family. Here’s why they ask:

  • Journalist (many different titles at several newspapers)
  • Direct seller with lia sophia jewelry
  • eBay merchant
  • Helped found a church
  • Ran a 15K race
  • Co-president of PTAs at two different schools
  • Leader of various school events and committees
  • Dabbled in scrapbooking, knitting and cardmaking
  • Book club organizer

And now I’m coaching women who are ready to become entrepreneurs or business owners who are aiming for their next level of success.

I list all of that not to brag, but to point out that it’s exciting to try new things and step in different directions. When my intuition — gut feeling — tells me that my mission is accomplished in one project, I know a new adventure is waiting for me.

I’ve met lots of people who feel stuck at where they are, don’t know how to start a new life or have no idea what excites them anymore. If this sounds like you, I challenge you to trust your instincts and commit to a baby step toward one goal. Taking a new direction in life or business takes a sense of adventure, courage, determination, integrity and honesty, despite the fear and trepidation of making change.

This is how I CHOOSE to live. Are you living how you choose to?


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