Here’s the scoop

I figured it’s time to update my About page, but I’m not calling it “About”  because it sounds lame.

“The scoop on Cindy” is more inviting, don’t you think?

Here’s where I stand:

  • LIFE: Family and friends are priorities.
  • LOVE: What else is there?
  • COMMUNITY: Give back because what goes around comes around.
  • FREEDOM: I choose who I am and what I do.
  • FUN: Inject some into your life.
  • POSSIBILITIES: They’re everywhere — grab them!

The more practical stuff: Journalist for 19 years (newspapers are cool!), ran a super successful direct sales business (lia sophia), mom of two (a shout-out to the PTA), new puppy owner (aww, Lexi).

I’m addicted to helping women (guys, you can hold your horses) get moving as entrepreneurs or launch different career paths. I want to inspire you, brainstorm with you and raise your confidence so you can head in the direction of your dreams. Bottom line is we’re going to get laser focused on you and what you’re doing to DO.

I offer:

  • One-on-one coaching. We talk via phone or Skype (love Skype) every week and you have unlimited e-mail access to me. I’m your cheerleader on your journey of change, but I’ll also be your nudge when you need it.
  • Mastermind groups. A bunch of us get together via phone or Skype to share ideas, help each other on challenges and offer encouragement. It’s a safe place to talk about your projects or next moves and get feedback before you make a go of it.

If you want a taste of how awesome working with a coaching can be, contact me for a complimentary 30-minute session:


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