The trouble with hanging on when you really don’t want to

Here’s what you say to yourself: “I’ll just hang on to this (job, duty, jeans that are 2 sizes too small, etc.) because it’s good money, or I don’t want to let anyone down, or it could come in handy one day.

But your insides are screaming, “I DON’T WANT TO!” You feel bound and chained, and the self-talk continues because you’re hoping that enough chatter will suddenly give you the drive you want. Forget it, it’s not going to work.

Last week, I let go of a gig that I thoroughly enjoyed for a while. I made good money and lots of new friends. It hit me one day that I just wasn’t into it anymore, but I was afraid to admit it. I was super excited for my next project and wanted to put all my focus into that, but I clung on to my gig and rationalized up and down about why I should stick it out. I was like this for months before I just said, “Screw it — I choose to be done.

Wow, talk about freedom from:

  • Guilt: One of the most useless feelings there is, especially when we know there’s no good reason for it. I felt guilty because I was giving up an opportunity and thought I was letting some people down. But the only person I was disappointing was myself because I wasn’t being TRUE!
  • Energy sucking: I was so drained from wondering what I should do. What a waste.
  • Who are you kidding? Nobody! If you show up feeling blah, your clients will pick up on it. And even if they don’t right away, how much longer do you want to pretend?

Look, I’m not saying that you should quit a job that you need, (USE WISDOM!) because sometimes you temporarily¬† just gotta do what you gotta do, but if there’s a way to free yourself, what’s stopping you?

GET GUTSY: Show up with authenticity!


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