If you’re in a rut, ask yourself these questions

Getting into a rut happens to the best of us. Our lives are often full of running around for work and/or family. It’s easy to fall into a lull. For some, it’s the right time to live with the predictability of everyday tasks and responsibilities.

Others desire change. They might have a nagging feeling that they’re meant to do something else; they’re seeking a new way to live.

They often find themselves beginning their sentences with “I wish…” or “If only…” or “I want to but…” or “I really shouldn’t …”? By using those words, they’ve limited themselves from the get-go. We think we’re using words of intention, but there’s a tone of unbelief.

And unfortunately, they’ve probably felt this way for a long time but have been too busy to pause and re-evaluate. Or they simply don’t know how to get started on that new journey.

The place to begin is getting real with yourself and asking yourself these two questions: What am I tolerating? How long am I willing to live this way?

How do those questions resonate with you? Do they ignite something inside? Are you feeling energized?

The beautiful thing is you have choices. You can choose to stay where you are or decide when it’s time to get moving.

Here are a few ways to get into gear:

  • Set aside 20 minutes tomorrow to just THINK. We are not going to get quiet time if we don’t carve it out ourselves.
  • Do one itty bitty thing to get you going on your project. I don’t care what it is, just take a step.
  • Stop making excuses! I hate to be harsh — believe me, I fall into this trap lots of times — but think about all the things that you say are getting in the way and I bet you can kick some to the curb to focus energy on what’s more pressing.


Some words from a fan:

I am so grateful to Cindy for all of her help and guidance while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I “grew” up!  Her compassion and understanding helped me to sort out what I wanted to do as opposed to what I felt I had to do.  I will forever be grateful to Cindy for helping me follow my dreams! — Carol


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